El Arte de Cuba:
ArchIpIÉlago de Sueños

In lieu of writing a senior thesis, my best friend and I wrote and directed a bilingual English/Spanish documentary about 13 Cuban artists and how they are inspired by the Vigia Press, a unique publishing house in Cuba. As a group, these artists and artisans expand the definitions of a book to express their fluctuating Cuban identities. Most of them have exhibited in Europe or Canada, but their work is little known in the United States. Their prints and books are captured in this documentary, which premiered in May 2009 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, NY in conjunction with the opening of the traveling art exhibit, “Cuban Artists Books & Prints: 1985 – 2008”, featuring the work of the artists.

Directed by: Brigette Proctor and Maya Yette
Written by: Linda Howe, Brigette Proctor and Maya Yette
Videography by: Linda Howe
Voiceover by: Ariane Datil

Featured Artists:

  • Iván Capote
  • Yoan Capote
  • Sandra Ceballos
  • Carlos Estévez
  • Rocío García
  • Ibrahim Miranda
  • Danilo Moreno
  • Olympya Ortíz
  • René Peña
  • René Bravo Quintana
  • Sandra Ramos
  • Tonel
  • José Angel Vincench